So Why is this Little Elf Smiling??

So Why is this Little Elf Smiling??

He is smiling because he just found out that Wall Pepper is offering 20% off now through the holidays on all Wall Peppers made with your pictures! (“This will make things a lot easier in the workshop – popcorn for everyone!”) So design your Wall Pepper and use the PROMO CODE: SANTAPEPPER. Let’s keep this little guy smiling!

the color of winter

color of winterTo add the font, I used It’s a great free online tool for editing your photos and adding text or other special effects! So you can be creative with your Wall Peppers! Now I can have this printed as a nice winter hanging for my wall or as a gift for my mom!

Order your Wall Pepper by Dec. 17 with the promo code “santapepper” and receive 10% off your purchase!