Team Wall Pepper

Team Wall Pepper

The word about Wall Pepper is spreading this summer – at a brisk clip. This is largely due to the heroic efforts of our running team as they run from one race to another asking the question – “What will you Pepper” Each team mate has their own Pepper Name (i.e. Pepper Jack, Pied Pepper, Sgt. Pepper, etc.) which helps to add to the conversation when we are running. Its a lot of fun for everyone.

Besides Wall Pepper is a great way for runners to post photos of there favorite races.

So Run Pepper Run!

Team Pepper Fights Fraud

Team Pepper planned to race in the Blue Harbor half marathon that was supposedly happening in October. However, after doing some research, they’ve discovered the race might be a fake! Watch the news report from TMJ4 where Perky Pepper tells the story!

TMJ4 Story Link: Participants given run-around about upcoming half-marathon in Sheboygan

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Let the games begin!

In the spirit of the Olympic games, the Pepper Runners have been putting in their miles too! Belle Pepper has put in a total of 33 miles in the past week alone! This Thursday she returns home from Germany. We can’t wait to have her back and running with the team again!

The marathon in London will be taking place on August 5th for the women and 12th for the men. Team Pepper will be tuning in and cheering them on as we prepare for a half marathon on August 11th!


Meet the Wall Pepper runners!

Meet the Pepper running team. We’ve been running the miles and now our official shirts are in! Sponsored by Wall Pepper, we are runners of all ages who run anywhere from 5Ks to full marathons. Follow our progress on our mapmyrun page:

Tomorrow night is our first run together as we storm the Bastille in Milwaukee! Thanks for the support! We’ll keep you posted!

In the pic- Meet two of our Pepper Runners!

Bananna Pepper: Age 16, Cross Country runner and Soccer player

Pepper Jack: Age 19, Adamant intramural athlete and natural runner