Wall Pepper for Secret Santa?

Looking for the perfect gift to give for secret santa this year? Wall Pepper is what you have been searching for this holiday season. Just peel and stick to make this holiday season a lot more festive. Traditional Santa Claus3

What will you Pepper?


Dr. Wally Pepper Q&A: Miss Kelley

Dr. Wally Pepper puts Miss Kelley’s query regarding Wall Pepper’s functionality in a long, narrow hallway to the test. Join Dr. Wally Pepper in his lab to see his analysis of the situation!

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My pictures lack pixels!

Thank you to Pixy Lyttle for her question regarding pixel size for her Wall Pepper. If your pictures are also lacking pixels please visit the Pepper Q&A page to see our response to her question.

Pictures must have a large enough file size, so that your Wall Pepper can look the best possible. The best way to achieve this is by using original files and not those downloaded off the internet or facebook.

For those of you with pictures with smaller file sizes, consider buying a 6 pic Wall Pepper, which uses smaller photos!

Thank you and continue Peppering!