Landscape your walls with Wall Pepper!

In response to yesterday’s poll question of “Which picture would you decorate a blank wall in your house with?” 57% of people said they would put a “beautiful landscape shot” on their wall. Wall Pepper’s special canvas-like material preserves the natural colors of your picture and is easy to apply, as well as affordable! So there’s no reason to leave your walls blank, go to to turn your landscape photos into a Wall Pepper!


Photo by Hannah Hankins

Hey Photographers!


We’ll be accepting entries soon for our Photo Exhibit at the Plymouth Arts Center, so start designing your Wall Pepper now!

Explore all the different ways you can be creative using one of the picture strip templates. Take a look at the different formats here:

The special canvas material is great for printing your photography! It’s like painting with a picture.

Stay tuned..details on exhibit entry coming soon!