Perfect Locker Decorations? Wall Pepper is your answer!

Bring your friends and summer memories back to school with Wall Pepper!

Order a 6 Pic Pepper to create smaller Peppers of your favorite pictures.

Cut Wall Pepper into smaller pieces and stick them to your locker for the perfect locker decoration!

Easy to stick, and easy to take off! Won’t leave any residue.WallPepper 6 Pic Samples 2

What will you Pepper?

Decorate your Locker!

Have you started your back to school shopping? Spice up your year by decorating your locker with all your favorite pictures! Wall Pepper sticks to any surface and is easy to apply, remove, and reapply. The 6-pic Wall Pepper can easily be cut into smaller individual pictures that will fit into your locker. So skip the scotch tape and sticky tack and try a Wall Pepper!