Earn money and decorate your dorm!

Introducing Wall Pepper’s – Pepper College Champion Program, where you can earn money for decorating campus! Give your friends and family your very own PROMO CODE and earn money for every Pepper bought with that code! By participating, you receive; $50 in Wall Pepper Credits to decorate your dorm or campus, this Cool Wall Pepper T-Shirt,Pepper_Jack

your very own 10% off-PROMO CODE, and $1.00 commission for each Pepper sold with your designated PROMO CODE. College_Champions




For more information contact: Pepper@inkworksllc.com

Happy Labor Day

We hope everyone is enjoying the holiday! Wall Pepper started the weekend in Madison at the new student Overture center night, where we introduced Wall Pepper as a great way to decorate a college apartment or dorm. It doesn’t take off paint and is easy to apply, remove, and reuse. So upload your favorite photos, design your Wall Pepper, and decorate that blank dorm wall! Or keep the memories by creating a Wall Pepper of your new fun times at college!

Wall Pepper display at Overture Center night at Madison