Wall Pepper Gift Credit!

Don’t forget that you can buy Wall Pepper Gift Credit! It makes a perfect move-in gift for a new college student, a unique birthday gift, or a great way to celebrate a newly wed couple or a new baby!

Just go online, purchase the amount of gift credit you wish to give, and then print out the credit code for them to enter at the time of their purchase!

Celebrate Good Times!

Do you have any big events or celebrations coming up? Wall Pepper is both a great way to decorate for them and remember them!

Prepare for the party by peppering your walls with pictures of your grad, decorate the reception hall with engagement photos for your big day, or make a picture strip timeline for a big birthday celebration!

And when the party is over, keep on remembering it by getting the party photos printed and displayed with a Wall Pepper! Starting at only $9.99!