10% off Wall Pepper!

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Earn money and decorate your dorm!

Introducing Wall Pepper’s – Pepper College Champion Program, where you can earn money for decorating campus! Give your friends and family your very own PROMO CODE and earn money for every Pepper bought with that code! By participating, you receive; $50 in Wall Pepper Credits to decorate your dorm or campus, this Cool Wall Pepper T-Shirt,Pepper_Jack

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For more information contact: Pepper@inkworksllc.com

Eyes: Best and Most Interesting

In response to yesterday’s Poll Questions:

Which do you  consider your best feature?


What feature do you find most interesting?

The majority of people answered “eyes” for both questions. #2 for best feature was the nose, and #2 for most interesting were the lips.

Thanks for participating in the Pepper Poll! Now remember to keep your eyes open when taking a picture!

A 5-pic horizontal Wall Pepper portrait

Landscape your walls with Wall Pepper!

In response to yesterday’s poll question of “Which picture would you decorate a blank wall in your house with?” 57% of people said they would put a “beautiful landscape shot” on their wall. Wall Pepper’s special canvas-like material preserves the natural colors of your picture and is easy to apply, as well as affordable! So there’s no reason to leave your walls blank, go to www.pepperyourplace.com to turn your landscape photos into a Wall Pepper!


Photo by Hannah Hankins