No Beach? No Problem!

Can’t make it to the beach? With Wall Pepper you can have the beach right in your home!

Easy to use, and easy to move, Wall Pepper is the perfect decor for your home. 



Summer Camping now more fun, take your family with you!

Take family with you with Wall Pepper! No nails, no tape, no wires, just peel and stick and Wall Pepper becomes art on your wall!  

Wall Peppers go camping

Wall Peppers go camping

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Make this Fourth of July the best one yet!

If you’ve put up Red White and Blue decorations, have the grill going, and wore the most patriotic clothes you could find, but you need more to have the perfect 4th of July then order a Wall Pepper of your favorite thing about the 4th of July and stick it on the wall to let everybody know just how festive you can be!o-JULY-4-PARADE-facebook


Have a Happy Fourth of July!