Announcement! Pepper Exhibit Prints!

At the Pepper Exhibit Reception on November 3rd, the public will have the opportunity to order prints of the Wall Peppers at the exhibit. The artist will receive 40% of the purchase if one of their prints is ordered and the Art Center will receive 10% of each purchase. The public may pay with either cash or check and will receive their print in the mail following the exhibit. Wall Peppers make a unique gift and decoration for the home!

Pepper Exhibit Print pricing*:

$15 for a single or 6 pic mini Wall Pepper

$25 for a 2 pic or 3 pic Wall Pepper

$35 for a 5 pic Wall Pepper

*Not including shipping

The reception will be on November 3rd starting at 1 pm at the Plymouth Art Center with live music, refreshments, and interactive Wall Pepper art. Everyone is invited to attend!

We are still accepting entries until October 22nd if you are interested in having your photos be a part of the exhibit: Entry Information

Beautiful moments around the world


Stunning pictures from National Geographic’s photo contest…

To see more images, here’s the link: The world around us: Sublime images of nature

If you feel inspired to enter in a photo contest, the Pepper Photo Exhibit is still accepting entries! We’d love to see what moments you’ve captured.



Use your photos as art

Photos are a great way to decorate your walls! Here’s some ideas from Shutterfly…

Tips for Styling Your Home With Images

…We’d like to add #6 Use Wall Pepper It’s an affordable, convenient way to display your pictures

5 pic horizontal Wall Pepper of a beautiful autumn wedding

Meet the Musicians

Wall Pepper is happy to introduce the musicians who will be playing at the Pepper Photo Exhibit artist reception on November 3, 2012 at the Plymouth Art Center starting at 1pm. Please take a minute to check out their links below! The reception will be free and open to the public with music, refreshments, and interactive Wall Pepper art. Mark your calendars!

Clayton Ristow is a senior at Tosa East High School in Wauwatosa, WI. He plays drums for a band called the Atomic Kittens who performed at Summerfest this past summer. He also enjoys playing the guitar and piano. This video is of a piano piece he composed for a class project: The Ballad of James Gatz by Clayton Ristow

Jerry Danks is a talented musician from the Milwaukee area. He is involved in several bands, including one which performs regularly at the Z Spot in Sheboygan.  He also composes many songs on the guitar and released a CD entitled “Out of the Box” in 2004. Here is a video of him performing one of his compositions: Blue River Cafe by Jerry Danks

Martha Maya Danks is a theater student from the Milwaukee area. She enjoys singing and playing the piano and will accompany Clayton and Jerry at the exhibit. She is currently learning American Sign Language, so this is a video of her signing to the song Valentino: Valentino ASL

If you’re interested in having your photos on display at the exhibit, visit this link for entry details: Pepper Photo Exhibit Details

Wall Pepper Exhibit prints

Photo entries are still being accepted until October 22nd! The Pepper Photo Exhibit will be at the Plymouth Art Center from October 30-November 11, with a public reception for the photographers on November 3rd! You can find information on how to enter here: Pepper Exhibit

ATTN Exhibit Photographers!

To any photographers participating in the Pepper Photo Exhibit, after your submit your photos we will contact you for a bio as well as a description of your pictures. This will give you the opportunity to tell us the story or a little bit about the Wall Pepper you created. They don’t have to be long, but feel free to get creative with what you write! We will put these on display along with your photos at the exhibit. If you’re a budding photographer this is a great way to display your work and market yourself.

We are still accepting entries through October 22nd for anyone (everyone is invited to participate!) who is interested in having their photography at the Plymouth Art Center exhibit.

Eyes: Best and Most Interesting

In response to yesterday’s Poll Questions:

Which do you  consider your best feature?


What feature do you find most interesting?

The majority of people answered “eyes” for both questions. #2 for best feature was the nose, and #2 for most interesting were the lips.

Thanks for participating in the Pepper Poll! Now remember to keep your eyes open when taking a picture!

A 5-pic horizontal Wall Pepper portrait