New Pepper Partner


Welcome to our newest Pepper Partner – the Attachment & Trauma Network (ATN).  ATN supports families learning how to help heal their children’s wounded hearts. Like all of our Pepper Partners, if you select their name when you purchase a Wall Pepper, we will contribute 5% toward their mission.  You can learn more about the ATN at:

Hello world!

Welcome to the Wall Pepper Blog,

Here we focus on the world of personal photo murals and the endless creativity our fans display when they use Wall Pepper.  We anticipate posting photo ideas, helpful hints, decorating technics and other Pepper related stories.

If a picture is a 1000 words, think of the story’s a Wall Pepper can tell.

Why Wall Pepper? Your computer is full of pictures – we have created an easy to use, high quality and reasonably priced way to post those pictures in your room, dorm, office or home.

So come here to learn how and go to: to start peppering.