Not the Average Wall Decal? What’s So Special About Wall Pepper?

Wall Decals are perfect for expressing your personal style in an affordable way!  But have you ever felt like… they could be better?  We thought so, too. So we did something about it…

  • Forget the flimsy, thin plastic decals that tear.  
  • Forget the stretched out (and toxic!) vinyl stickers you’ve had to deal with.  
  • Forget the see-through, cheap-looking wall stickers that mess with the flow of otherwise stellar decor.



Wall Pepper is …

Durable Canvas Fabric.  It’s Washable.  It’s Flexible, yet Strong!  You Can’t Tear it.  You can’t Stretch it Out.  You can’t Deform It.  It’s Non-toxic.  It Shows off Your Pics in High Resolution, Digital Perfection.

It’s sticky enough to stay put where you put it… gentle enough to leave no residue when you remove it…
and will keep on sticking and resticking, so you can move it where you want, as many times as you want.  (What? awesome!)

And at $14.95, you can’t go wrong!  we’ve got the shipping covered for you, too.

Need some inspiration/ideas?                                                 We’ve got you covered there, too.  

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Wall Pepper is not JUST for photos.  You can do all sorts of things!  Like… make signs, decorations for parties, banners, backdrop scenes, alter the shapes/sizes, create callouts and presentation aides, business cards, name it!

LAST BUT NOT LEAST… Wall Pepper can help promote, market, fundraise, and support your project or cause.  Call us for ideas on how we can help, and we’ll brainstorm some cool ways to make it happen!

Just say the word.  To Pepper!

Contact Pepper at and stay tuned for more updates coming soon!


Wall Pepper Possibilities!

Wall Pepper isn’t JUST for photos. We can make all sorts of things with it! In just about any size/shape you can think of. From business cards to calendars, to fun little “stickem” decorations, Wall Pepper is awesome for so many things!

Need a cool fundraising idea? —Call Pepper
Need a marketing handout/
giveaway for your business? —Call Pepper!
Need some signs/posters that you don’t have to keep
re-taping up? —Call Pepper She wants to hear from you!

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Looking for the Perfect Father’s Day Gift?


Send Dad your favorite pic, or let him choose his own with Wall Pepper Gift Credits!

Send Dad a gift for Father’s Day on removable wallpaper by Wall Pepper! Pick your own photos or let him choose his own to decorate the office, the garage, you name it.

What is Wall Pepper?  Watch this to find out!

Send Yourself for Mother’s Day!

If you’re living far from home, surprise Mom by showing up on Mother’s Day as a Wall Pepper!

Pepper yourself and send it to your Mom’s address with a gift message attached! Then she can stick you to her wall and never let you leave!

“Hey Mom, it’s me from New York! Just popping by to say YOU’RE THE BEST! Love, Maria”